Youth Soccer: 4 Lessons from Donald Trump Himself

So how in the hill-billy do we apply some youth soccer secrets from the Trump himself?

You get creative…

Just like the Donald himself does.  And, you have fun with it.  And don’t by any means think that cause we’re gonna have some fun that all of a sudden this doesn’t apply.

I mean, all one has to do is see how successful Trump really is to see that a lot of what he does REALLY is smart. And it works.

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Don’t underestimate the golden haired Billionaire man!

People have been underestimating him since day one and all he’s done since is prove almost everyone wrong.  All while doing this without really spending any money on advertising.  All his publicity basically comes from being a master of propaganda.

So let’s get on with it but remember: this is some serious stuff right here.

One of the secrets to improving is learning to be a great learner.  Learning to open your mind.  Learning to learn from many different sources.  Using creativity and insight and study time to learn from anyone we can.   This is what we’re doing here.

So let’s get on with it shall we amigo?


Yes we mentioned this and we’re going to start here.  Did you know that creativity is the 5th element in soccer attacking principles?  And I would EASILY argue the most important when it comes to individuals.  And by individuals I mean NOT the team.

You see most of the other principles are all about team-play.

Creativity on the other hand?

Can be creative team-play as well, but it’s also massively about the individual.

A lot of people sabotage creativity by playing like robots.

Essentially they try to do everything exactly as the coach tells them.  They try to “get by.”  They play the safe bet every time.

They don’t experiment.

“Oh I got the ball here, coach tells me I got to do this, so I’m going to do this every single time.”

Yeah, you need to be able to carry out instructions, but any good coach should allow for creativity within the confines of instruction.  And if he/she doesn’t?  You gotta venture out on your own and allow that creativity to shine through.

Watch pro’s, watch highlights, learn new tricks and moves and experiment.

See something on TV and try to replicate it.  Try to meg someone.

Here’s the key:

You need to learn to have fun.  If you can’t have fun, you probably won’t be creative.

You also need to stop caring so so much about the “efficiency” of a game all the time.  If you care only about the results and playing it safe you won’t experiment.

Next time you play, take a page out of Trump’s playbook and stop caring so much.  Give it a go.  Get creative.  Experiment, have fun with it.


Hate him, dislike him, detest him or avoid him… You can’t deny the big ol’ Trump his boldness.

I mean the guy couldn’t care less about what “we” think.  He just doesn’t.  And don’t “trump” it up to being oblivious, the guy’s actually quite smart (maybe brilliant), he knows what he’s doing…

He just doesn’t care – big difference.

You can actually see a lot of brilliant patterns in how he does things, it’s just that most people try to chalk it up to him being crazy and just saying whatever he wants.  In reality, he’s a whole heck of a lot more intentional than people give him credit for.

But anyways, intentional or not, it takes boldness to do stuff that might make people get mad at you, criticize you, (gasp), yell at you, or whatever else you can think of.

Boldness (courage), is taking that risk even when you’re afraid.

Just take solace in this: the world’s best players (athletes), often were scared as well, yet had to be bold to fight through their fears.

Taking a risk in a sport where there’s 22 people on the field at all times and where you maybe get the ball for maybe 50-60 seconds seconds the ENTIRE GAME is bold… Bold indeed.

I mean, you barely get the ball, and the second you get it 21 people are screaming at you (not to mention people on sidelines) and you’re going to NOT play it safe?

I mean come on!

No wonder kids these days don’t take any risks.  They can be Maradona in practice, but the second a game comes around geez, it’s flipping hard to be bold.

Just remember this, everyone gets scared and anxious of this kind of stuff.  You’re not the only one.

Fight through it.


So you’re looking at this headline right now saying: “Really Joey?  Your answer is to say that I need more confidence? If only it were that easy you dummy…”

And you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that!

But, there are some tricks for developing that confidence and tricking yourself into being more confident.

Now, does Trump trick himself into this or is he just naturally that way?  Probably a bit of both.

But we’ll obviously steal from the former.

So anyhoo what’s the trick?

Well, it’s not the “fake it till you make it” that most people say. Basically the “fake it till you make it” method is just like it sounds. You fake being the most confident, successful person/player ever until you actually believe it and become it.  After you’ve faked it enough (as the theory goes), you’ll actually be the way you faked being – confident.

And I mean, there’s some truth to this as you see “naturally” confident people excelling sometimes simply due to their confidence when their skills clearly do not match their coin-fidence.

So this will sound similar but it’s different.  I find the “fake it till you make it” method only makes people brazenly act all confident and arrogant.

It becomes annoying and doesn’t work for them anyways.

So you can try that technique but this is a little different.

What is it?

Well, if you watch Trump, you’ll see that EVERYTHING he does, oozes confidence.  His walking, his mannerisms, his talking, his body posture etc…

Does this come naturally for him?  Probably more than other people sure, but we can still learn from it.

And basically the technique is this:

Think back to the most confident you’ve ever been.

Now, how did you act?  How did you walk?  How were you before the game?  What was your pregame?  How was your posture?  Were you talkative, joking around, sauntering around etc???

Copy all of that every time.  Remember how your body naturally was when you were most confident and simply re-enact that.  Remember how you prepared and copy that as well.

Remember whether you were joking around, serious, listening to music etc and copy that.

Basically you’re doing the exact same mannerisms that your body would have naturally done when feeling extremely confident and doing them again to get your confidence going.

You can even imagine being someone else before the game or practice.  Imagine you’re actually Ronaldo prepping for the game.

Obviously if you were Ronaldo, you “would know” you’re the world’s best player (arguably), and so you would be extremely confident.

See where I’m going?  You have to get back into that confident state. It’s similar to the “fake it till you make it,” but also a tad different.  And also actually has some methods to actually applying that phrase…

You won’t see Trump going around with slouched shoulders and a feeble voice.

No, you’ll see him walking upright, with a straight back, chest high, and a booming voice not lacking in forcefulness.


Something I’ve always noticed of Trumperoo is that he seems to have fun.  He enjoys himself.

He enjoys manipulating the room.  He enjoys attacking other candidates.

He enjoys the interviews where people are trying to corner him.  He enjoys coming up with random crazy nicknames to make fun of other people.

And you know what?

Fun is a great learning tool.  If you ain’t having fun, you’re making it hard on yourself.  So many kids drop out of soccer at young ages cause they are not enjoying it enough.

Fun is what makes you practice harder.  Fun keeps you coming back.  Fun makes you learn new things.  Fun keeps you engaged.

Saying: “have fun with soccer” sounds obvious.  But it’s not so simple.  We often get in a rut in terms of sports and go through the motions.  Never-mind the countless times I’ve talked about how people ruin the sport for others and how there’s so much pressure to perform.

What are some ways to have fun?

Learn new stuff constantly and apply it immediately.  Take risks like mentioned above.  Don’t play for an army sergeant coach. Rather, play for someone that encourages creativity, learning new things, and open concept training.

Play for someone that let’s you learn in games and who doesn’t enforce strict positioning and win only tactics.

Then have the courage to go out and apply the good stuff.

I’m curious though amigo, have you noticed these same kinds of problems within the youth soccer you’ve seen?

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