What do you need more of?

You need more street style training where you'll learn how to actually fake a defender out with some finesse and creativity.

You see, I grew up in Chile South America where my passion for soccer was started.  The very first day my family arrived, I started playing real street soccer and I haven't looked back since.

That was 22 years ago.  Since that day I started with Street Soccer, I've played, coached 11 aside teams, coached futsal teams, and run my own skill development academy in person and online in 3 different continents.  I'm a fanatic when it comes to individual skill development - focused mainly on developing the ability on the ball to beat defenders and use creativity to solve problems (not touch a ball back and forth between cones like a dang robot).  You won't meet someone that researches more intensely and/or learns more than me (yes, I say that with full coin-fidence as humbly as non-possible).

So why Street Style?

I'll Tell You Why...

Ever watch a game on tv and marvel at what the skilled players were doing?  You were marveling at how Messi, or maybe Neymar danced around some defenders, and were able to get out of trouble like a Magician escaping a lockbox...

Yes, the players we all admire, and the ones that go down in history as the best ever, ALL have that finesse, that ability to create something out of nothing.

Guess what they all have in common?  They grew up developing those insane foot-skills by playing street soccer... An environment where they learned these dope moves.

Now, think about what most kids you see in North America DON'T have?  Yep... They have zero creativity, and ability to beat players in 1v1's...

Which is WHY...

Which is why that individual creativity and finesse is the most important thing players can develop.  And THAT, is what I develop through Street Side Soccer.

What is this not?  This is not a camp where you drop your kid off and get some daycare...

This is not for players who aren't incredibly passionate or who like to dabble in all sports.

This is also not for people that think they're ballers just cause they can do a pretty sequence of controlling a ball like a robot between two cones.  You know who I'm talking about.  You know, those instagram videos where a player is somehow controlling a ball through a myriad of cones, benches, bottles, and whatever the heck else the "trainer," decided was worthwhile putting up?  Classic North American robotic training that doesn't teach anything relevant for actually beating a defender with some class when it counts...

So yeah, we teach finesse and creativity, so you can be a baller on the field.

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