How & Why This Benefits You?

I grew up in Chile South America where my passion for soccer was started.  The very first day my family arrived, I started playing real street soccer and I haven't looked back since.

That was 22 years ago.  Since that day I started with Street Soccer, I've played, coached 11 aside teams, coached futsal teams, and run my own skill development academy in person and online in 3 different continents.  I'm a fanatic when it comes to individual skill development AND team tactics & strategy.  You won't meet someone that researches more intensely and/or learns more than me (yes, I say that with full coin-fidence as humbly as non-possible).

Like I mentioned earlier, the 2 biggest "hacks," if you will, are superior individual skills on the ball (Creativity, touch, game intelligence, and moves), along with Elite team tactics and strategy.

Why Elite Tactics Though?

I'll Tell You Why...

Cause soccer is one of the most complex sports there is.  It's 22 players on the field at all times, in a free-flowing game, (unlike stop and start games like volleyball and American Football), with a myriad of ways to accomplish the goal (unlike Volleyball where it's receive, set, hit).  On top of that, it goes with ZERO stops for 45 minutes at a time!

That's insanity...

It's why the beautiful game of soccer is like Chess.  And it's why the best managers in the world are known for their tactics - they've managed to win more cause they are better chess masters.

It's also why managing a game of 11v11 is beautiful.  To accomplish your goals, (as opposed to your classic kick and run pray for the best coaches), you need to have smart tactics.

And the best part is there are elite tactics for everything.  Tactics to defend well, to close down space, to build up efficiently, to score efficiently, to facilitate "positional superiority," to allow better 1v1's for your top players, to attack in the most efficient areas of the field, to manipulate the other team's shape, to open gaps in the other team's defense, to draw out pressure, to overload the most dangerous part of the field etc etc etc...

Which is WHY...

It takes good tactics and strategy to actually be good.

But the best part?  Is that most managers and coaches don't actually know advanced tactics.  Heck, even lots of the world's professional managers (yes I'm serious) don't employ good tactics and just rely on having good players.

And the next best part?  TONS of these tactics can be applied fairly easily and can be applied at any level.  Sure, playing possession like Barcelona may require some technical level in your players but that's just one aspect.

Look at other elite teams and they rely on insane defensive organization which coincidentally allows them to be BETTER THAN THE SUM OF THEIR PARTS.

Doesn't that intrigue you?

It does me...

Anyhoo, welcome to the journey.  If you want to be a better coach/manager, win more games, and learn way more, you're at the right spot amigo.


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