Soccer Moves – The Art Of The Greatest Soccer Fake Ever

Aaaaand so you want to know the art of the GREATEST soccer fake ever so you can dominate with soccer moves?

You want to be able to rip out the soul of a defender?  Ok… too much maybe, but you do definitely want to experience the insane rush of leaving a defender in your dust while you mosey on your way.  OR, you want your kid to do that on a regular basis.

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Well, even if you don’t, you should want this.  IF you knew what was best for ya…

You see, the art of the 1on1 is extremely important and obviously fakes can be a huge part of that…

But somehow (innocent as we are) we commit two mistakes.

Numero uno mistake: we think moves take waaay too long to learn and that their too hard so we never muster the courage to fricken go for it


Numero dos mistake: people think “tricks are for kids” and moves are just to be fancy etc… Wrrrrrroooooooong!

And instead we always just get kids to pass without realizing how damaging this can be…

NEVER forget the power of creativity and moves… Creativity is after all one of the keys to attacking principles in soccer AND incredibly important to individual development – something we suck at in Norte America.

And so, what’s this all-encompassing powerful concept/move?

Well my amigo, first be warned – it’s something you know OF, but know not the power of…


It’s the…

*the Fake Shot / Fake Pass….”


Seriously though, do NOT take this lightly.  To get good at soccer moves quickly, and to understand the most powerful soccer move of all time please do not underestimate this – or do at your loss.

The fake shot/fake pass move is incredibly powerful.

So powerful you can use it time and time again and it still works.  Often even at the expense of the same dang defender.  Check out a simple way to do here. 

Here are a couple of reasons it’s so powerful:

* You can use it literally non-stop (other moves become more predictable, the fake shot due to something I’ll elaborate on below doesn’t in the same way)

*Notice that for this soccer fake I said: “fake shot/pass.” As in it works as a fake pass as well?  That’s powerful cause it means defenders can use it all over the map as well whenever they so wish…

*It can be added to so many different moves that you already do and simply make them way more powerful

*There’s a million different variations to this move.

Ok, so there’s just a couple of reasons why it’s so powerful.  I have literally seen players who ONLY use this move and it still works.  They literally use it all the time… The whole stadium plus the defending team can know you’re going to do it and it still works.  Why?

Well for 2 reasons:

1.Your body naturally reacts to a fake shot due to the “flight mode” it makes our body go into.  Remember: when someone looks like they are about to wack the crap out of the ball, and worst of all it’s coming right at us we freak out a bit.  It’s why to this day you still see professionals LIVE ON TV still jumping up in the air backwards so they can block the shot while not getting hit in the face.

2.You need to react to the fake shot/pass in order to block it.  If someone in front of you is going into the motion of doing a fake shot, then you have to position your body to block it.  And even if you think he might be faking it (which stops you from closing your eyes etc), you still have to move your body to block the path of the shot/pass, which gives the attacker time to go somewhere else even if it’s a little bit of time…

So, when you combine the fact that a fake shot/fake pass (if done right) scares us, along with the fact that we have to try to block it, and the fact that no matter how often we train ourselves when somebody does that fake our bodies automatically go into flight mode, it makes this concept incredible powerful…

Don’t believe me oh one of little faith?

Just watch pro soccer and you’ll see all the same scenarios I just described to you.  Guys jumping up to block a shot (this is bad), guys using the fake shot AND fake pass to beat defenders, defenders using it to fake out strikers and much much more.

So my little dear amigo.

USE fake shot/fake passes.

Here are some tipsters for you:

*Over exaggerate the fake.  (When faking a shot, pretend that your going to kick the crap out of the ball right up until your foot would hit ball and then simply don’t…) Most times people under exaggerate the fake.

*Transition immediately from fake shot/fake pass to next move.  Like this.

*Experiment doing as many fake shot/passes as you can think of.  How do you do this?  By realizing that you can creatively use this move in a million different ways.  Here’s how: Do the movement of the fake shot/pass, and then transition into any kind of different move or ball movement you can think of.  I.E. Fake the shot and then immediately pull ball back.  Fake the shot and then immediately do an inside cut, outside cut, Maradona move, L-turn, stop on ball etc etc etc…

*Don’t just use it as a fake shot.  Remember it’s just as powerful of a fake pass.  Simply fake pass to one guy, wait for defender to bite, and then go somewhere else.

The point is you can use this move in a gazillion different ways.  Simply do the fake and then transition into something else.  Watch the videos above.

Use the fake…

Need inspiration?

Check out the following video and then doubt me oh you of little faith… You’ll see Messi using it in just one of a million variations.

See how the goalie freezes?

Use the fake shot/pass.  Use it non-stop.  Literally, play a game and try using it like 10-20 times at least.  You’ll get so good at it that defenders may even know it’s coming and it will still work.

One of the biggest issues is that people try different moves and never get good at any of them.  And secondly they never use the fake shot/pass at all.

Use it and use it often so it becomes a “go to” move for you.  And then make the soccer field your oyster.

To destroying those pesky defenders…

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