The Jerry Seinfeld Secret to Master First Touch in Soccer

So you want to improve first touch in soccer do you?

Pffff, I mean who doesn’t right? Or it could be for your kid(s), cause that would definitely help their game.

Master 1st Touch in Soccer By Downloading This Ball Control Cheat-Sheet to Double Ball Control With Just 5 Minutes a Day

Watch any given weekend game and often it looks like a foozball match with the ball bouncing off one kid, only to then bounce off the next kid to finally one kid controlling it only to get rocked 2 seconds later by 2 defenders rushing at him.

The few moments where one player actually has the composure and ball control to actually take control are far and few between…

Part of that is due to the crazy method of how we coach… but that’s kind of an argument for a different day.

Today, we’re pulling out the big guns to talk about a little secret gleaned from the famous comedian himself, Jerry Seinfeld.

No, I’m not giving you the exact “blueprint” for dominating ball control etc etc…

Rather, I’m giving you the mentality of how to improve first touch in soccer. Which is probably more important anyways…

But first off, you need to re-wire how you view first touch in soccer.

I like to view it as your lifetime “touches bank.” In other words, the more touches you get on the ball throughout your life, the more ball control you’ll have. And… whoever has more “life time touches on the ball” usually has more ball control then the next joe schmoe who has less lifetime touches on the ball. So with this in mind, now you got a little understanding as to what it really means to improve first touch/ball control in soccer.

You see, soccer isn’t volleyball. And it’s definitely not American Football, duh? Soccer is NOT a sport you can pick up when you’re 16 years old and become good at. Volleyball you can.

I don’t care what an enthused volleyball player says, there’s simply no comparison.

Volleyball is made up of relatively few motions overall. You learn how to spike (3 step walk up etc), you learn how to bump it, and you learn how to block… (an obviously simplified explanation)

But there are way less motions involved and the game itself is way simpler than soccer.

I mean, there’s a reason a lot of pro volleyball players still made it pro even though they started the game at a way older age on average than your typical pro soccer baller. If you’re athletic (tall and can jump), you can probably be trained to be a good volleyball player. Soccer? Not so much. If you haven’t been getting those lifetime touches throughout your life, you’re in big trouble and will probably be a big stiff on the ball when you’re older.

That’s the reason you never really see adults improving their touch that much in soccer. It’s simply quite hard at that age (sorry, no offense).

And as to American Football?  Also a sport you can pick up an at older age (relatively) if you’re athletic enough.  I mean geez, half the team never even touches the football.

Ok, that was all for you to understand that it’s about “lifetime touches!” Get them!

Now onto ze Jerry Seinfeld.

First off, he’s the most successful comedian ever. So we can definitely learn from him.

Secondly, there’s an absolutely brilliant story that encompasses everything you need to know to really improve your first touch in soccer and get those lifetime touches.

One day… A “wannabee” comedian saw Jerry back-stage at some random event.

And of course, he asked Jerry: “what’s your best advice for a wannabee comedian?”

And Jerry said: “write a new joke every single day…Get a big calendar, and start writing a big red X on each day of the calenadr you write a joke, and eventually you’ll have a little chain of red X’s and you won’t want to break it. You’re job is to never break the chain.” 

Wow… Brilliant advice that can really apply to any area of life really.

But for us humble people who want to improve overall first touch in soccer or ball control?

The answer comes back to lifetime touches on the ball.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s as simple as making sure that every single day you get some touches on the ball.

Get a big calendar (actually do it), and start writing down a big red X for every day you get touches on the ball on your own outside of practice.

And never break the chain…

It’s as easy as getting some ball control touches in your house.  It’s not complicated.  It doesn’t need to be 15 minutes even, just start with 1-3 minutes of ball control touches per day and increase from there.

Do this and you’ll be getting (or your kid) more soccer touches on the ball than almost anyone else…

Remember this though; start simple… keep it so simple that it’s really easy to actually do.

That’s why you should just start with moving a ball around in your living room or room for only 3 minutes.

Once you get that chain going, you’ll increase the minutes per day.  Eventually it will become a habit.  And there is massive power in habit.

And that is how we can improve our lifetime touches on the ball and in the process double up that elusive first touch in soccer.

Follow the Seinfeld lead my amigo,

Now it’s Your Turn

Do you have good ball control already?

Do you or your kid get touches every day?

Either way leave a comment below

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