Kids Soccer: 9 Different Things You Should Be Saying to Your Kid After Games

Watch youth soccer or kids soccer of any kind and you’ll see parents letting their emotions get the best of them time and time again.

Often the parents are more into it than the kids, or that the parents are trying to live vicariously through their kid.

Or, my personal favorite; that every parent thinks their kid is going to make it pro.

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I mean, the dedication and skill required to make it pro is insane.  It really is…

Don’t feel bad if you don’t, or if your kid doesn’t.

I mean geez, there’s more to life than making it pro you know?  Heck, even in sports there’s more.

Certain things that kids should be getting out of soccer/sports are:

  • Learning to play within a team environment
  • Learning to work hard
  • Learning the value of commitment
  • Having fun
  • Making friends
  • ***Potentially get a scholarship (also very hard but more do-able than pro obviously)
  • ***Develop a closer relationship with their parents

Yeah the last one is catching you off guard ah?  But in sports there’s an incredible moment to either develop a better relationship with your kid… or screw it up and be a nut job about it.  You see, the sooner you realize that NOT making it pro is alright (nothing bad if they do either), the more you can enjoy your kid’s journey in sports.  The sooner you realize that you should NOT be living vicariously through your kid no matter how good they may be, the sooner you can be a good influence in their lives through sport than a bad one.

And in the process develop a good relationship with them and not ruin it.

I’ve talked to parents who later thanked me simply cause I encouraged them in a way that helped them actually relate to their kid in sports instead of constantly putting pressure on them to perform like they were all-stars.

So, what’s a great starting point to make a bigger impact in your kid’s life of sport?

To make them enjoy it more?  Take the pressure off of them?  Develop a better relationship with them?

…Learning what to say to them after and/or during a game.  This is maybe the easiest way to change in a positive way (or negative) the way you interact with your kid through sports.  And it can make a massive impact.

I polled parents on my facebook fan page and asked them what they say to their kids before and after soccer games.  Here are 9 of the best responses.

Best part about it?  It will take mere segundos…

About one or two phrases that’s it amigo.

Here’s some different things you should be saying to your kid after games:

1. Laureen: “Before the game we have a code – ssf – play smart, be safe and have fun.  Then we check to see how he thinks he did on the ssf.”

2. Tiara: “The first thing I say is “good game, I’m proud of you” and then I find several great plays/passes or shots to review with him”

3. Adrian: “Great game.” “You played hard.” “That was fun to watch!” If she missed a skill consistently I say something like, “Hey, I saw you had a few chances to get a shot on goal. The ball moved so fast! Do you want me to practice that drill with you?”

4. Martin: “We talk about the game and if she had fun etc…but once the car door closes I go from Head Coach back to Dad! We talk about how school was, her friends etc…It makes a difference folks, trust me! It still has to be fun for them, no matter what level they play.”

5. Christopher: “Dude, I love to watch you play.”

6. Brandon: “You did a great job, I’m very proud of you. Keep up the good work!”

7. Chris: I love to watch you play.”

8. Michael: “After a hug and high five ( no matter how the game turns out) it’s always the same 3 questions: What did you do well? What didn’t go well? What do you need to improve on?”

9. Joy: “You looked good.  did you have fun?”

There you go dear parents.  5 seconds to either screw it up or make a great impact with your kid.

And here’s the thing, this kind of response isn’t about sacrificing results.  You need to develop a kid who loves the game.  From there they will actually perform better, invest more into the game, and focus more.

And, who knows?  Maybe they won’t quit soccer at an alarming rate like is happening right now.

To good soccer parent relationships…

Curious though, what kind of things do YOU say to your kids after games?  

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